The Movement

On November 8th, young people refused to vote for Donald Trump. Despite losing the popular vote, a lying, racist, hate mongering sexual predator has been elected President.

Donald Trump does not and will never represent us.

We represent the future of America. We are all different colors, religions, genders, parties, beliefs, and backgrounds. Our hair is straight, curly, kinky, natural and relaxed. 

We know where we come from and are very clear about where we are going. We are building a more prosperous, more just, more equitable America. Our vision for the future is one in which every person—no matter their background, body type, skin color, religion, gender or sexual identity—is visible and celebrated.


We have a vision for America that has no room for racism, homophobia, body-shaming, bigotry, or demagoguery. Thus, it has no space for Trump. We are the Student Resistance, and this is our declaration.

In our America, no more Latinx kids will be harassed in schools. No more Muslim women will have to choose between the hijab and their personal safety. No more sexual assault survivors will be threatened instead of believed and supported. No more LGBTQ kids will feel unsafe in school because of anti-gay leaders. In our America, white supremacists will not hold positions of power.


We will not be complicit, nor will we normalize hate. Instead, we will love radically and build a non-violent movement on the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness.   

As young people, we will band together in solidarity to protect each other and fight back against the things we know not to be true about our communities. Our power is independent of elected officials.  Our power comes from our own truth and experience overcoming discrimination and inequality in this country. 

We are students of community organizing; and we will use radical nonviolent action to be heard, like those who have come before us, to realize our vision for a progressive America. 


We will not hesitate to bring this country to a grinding halt until our dignity, safety, and dreams are respected by our leaders.

To those who say we are whiny, entitled participation-trophy-seeking youth, remember that students have been at the helm of every major social movement in this country. We will not shy away from this moment. You will experience our might as a coordinated, strategic political force. 

We demand that our country move forward, not backward. And until our demands are met we will resist, condemn, and undermine the incoming administration each step of the way until the day Trump resigns.