#RIPDemocracy Vigil



Our Democracy is dying. 

Trump shows no signs of slowing down and neither do we. We're mourning the death of our Democracy in solidarity with the National Strike on Feb 17th. Join us in hosting a candlelight vigil on your campus. 

It's time for you to step up and act now. 

Actions are happening on Feb 17th at: 

University of California, Berkeley

Contra Costa College

Ohio University

The Ohio State University

Hold an event on your campus


6 Steps on Holding a Successful Vigil

  1. Find a location
  2. Create facebook event
    • Use the language at the top of this page for your event. 
    • Copy and paste the photo on this page for your event
    • Use hashtag #RIPdemocracy
    • Send facebook event link to Cmussar@studentsforedreform.org
  3. Invite all friends
  4. Contact 5 friends who will come and ask them to repeat steps 3/4
    • Text your friends! 99% of text messages are opened/read. This is an easy way to grow your event! 
  5. Set up a time to make signs and chants in the facebook event. 
    • Don't forget candles! We will reimburse for candles. Email Cmussar@studentsforedreform.org
  6. Go to the Vigil. 

Hold an event on your campus