Call Your Representative

House Republicans are trying to pass this disaster as quickly as possible and it's no wonder why. #TrumpCare will cause over 24 million Americans to lose their coverage and give the 1% hundreds of billions in tax breaks. They plan to bring it to a vote THIS THURSDAY. We cannot let this pass. Use your voice and tell your Congressperson that this #wealthcare plan will just #MakeAmericaSickAgain. 

Call Your Representative Now 


A couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • Be polite and calm. While we will resist the trump regime and this disaster of a healthcare plan, we need to send a consistent message that can't be twisted to discredit us.
  • Stick to the message, but feel free to express it in your own words.
  • Read the script once or twice before calling, and even practice saying it aloud if you like. 

Identify yourself and let them know what's going on:

  • I stand with my community members and millions of other Americans who will be negativley impacted by this bill. 
  • According to the Congressional Budget Office, 24 Million Americans or more will lose healthcare in the next ten years if this bill passes
  • This bill will make healthcare more expensive for all of us especially those who are elderly and poor. 
  • This isn't about right or left, it's about making sure all American have access to affordable healthcare. 
  • Will this Congressperson commit to voting against any bill that does not preserve the coverage, benefits and affordability gains of the ACA?

 Let us know how it went in the comment section below.