Don’t Play Politics With People’s Lives: Tell Congress To Reject #TrumpCare

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The American Health Care Act (aka #TrumpCare) which would repeal Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) is still a disaster. You know it, Republicans know it, Democrats know it. While much remains unchanged in this new version of the bill, the Congressional Budget Office hasn't figured out how much this will cost tax payers and how many people will be covered by it. Here's how AHCA differs from Obama's ACA:


Repeal of the Individual Mandate

-Requires people who can afford it to obtain health insurance


Repeal of the employer Mandate

-Requires large companies to provide affordable health insurance to employees


Repeal Subsidies For Out of Pocket Expense

-Tax credits to help some people pay deductibles and make co-payments. 

Changes to coverage for people with pre existing conditions

-Allows states to waive the rule restricting price differences based on health. Insurers would be allowed to charge higher prices to sick customers who had experienced a lapse in coverage of more than 63 days, as long as the state also set up a program to help high-risk patients obtain insurance

-Read about how sexual assault would be considered a pre-existing condition


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The GOP wasn’t lying when they said #TrumpCare gives Americans choices: death or bankruptcy.


#TurmpCare will risk the lives of millions who depend on affordable life-saving health care.


Don’t let Trump play politics with people’s lives. Sign this petition and demand that the Senate reject #TrumpCare! 


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