Shameless: House Republicans vote to take healthcare away from millions!

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Tell the Senate no #Trumpcare 2.0 


After massive public outcry and a blistering defeat earlier this year, shameless House Republicans have revived the American Health Care Act (aka #TrumpCare) and it's still a disaster. You know it, Republicans know it, Democrats know it. Yet House Republicans, on a strictly partisan vote, narrowly passed the bill anyways. 


#TrumpCare would gut Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA), risking the lives of millions who depend on affordable life-saving health care. 


While much remains unchanged in this new version of the bill, House Republicans rushed it through before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had time to figure out how many people would lose their coverage or how much it would cost the taxpayers. Coincidence? We think not.


Now our only hope to stop this disastrous bill lies in the hands of the Senate.


Don’t let House Republicans and Trump play politics with people’s lives. Sign this petition and demand that the Senate reject #TrumpCare NOW! 


Click here to learn more about the AHCA and how it will make sexual assault a pre-existing condition. 


Will you sign?